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The Geometry of the body, the Anatomy of Tai Chi Сhuan, and the Alchemy of Movement are three fundamental concepts in practice when we perceive movement from the perspective of internal transformation. These practices help to understand the inner volume of our body, to improve the energy circulation of energy, and to strengthen the ability to concentrate.

The practice of internal alchemy requires comprehension of our body from the position of the movement. In this case, it is essential to develop a deep concentration and to change the functionality of the body to generate jing energy.

The foundation of the united body is the source of tai chi tu, or internal support. To understand the unification of the body in motion means to comprehend the anatomy and geometry of movement. It is impossible to master the real inner work, both without geometry and power of concentration. And being in motion complicates this process due to the peculiarities of energy circulation.

Without the implementation of the thirteen principles, the movement, at best, represents duality or remains single-functional, inertial. With such mechanical activity, we lose jing energy.

The motion should activate energy and not just manifest it. Otherwise, we do not achieve the return of energy and, therefore, the transformation will not be understood. The principles of geometry, synchronization, and alchemy of movement include the law of returning energy.

Movement beyond control is a loss of energy. The brain in motion depends either on low-frequency energy if we are not focused. On the other hand, we can develop high-frequency energy if we would keep focusing on the task.


  • Anatomy of Tai Chi Сhuan
  • Geometry of the Body
  • Alchemy of the Movement


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Date Master
1—5 June Jie Kong
6—7 июня Van Chun
8—10 июня Jie Kong


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The whole program 9000 RUB

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