Mystery & Ritual

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Author: Jie Kong

Mystery, ceremony, ritual, temple are forms, the primary function of which is to maintain light. Mystery is a process of illumination aimed at maintaining fire. It is an act of transformation of light, which is expressed by contemplation, movement, sound, dance, etc. This process leads to a state of inner discovery, awakening, to a state of the unique experience.

Mystery is also a stimulating form of comprehension, creating an egregor of knowledge. It is always a sacrament because it captures particular areas of the architecture of space, consciousness, and body. Mystery is the path to the reflection of light, and ritual is the personification of this path. Ritual is the embodiment of light. It is a representation of the highest in the form of, say, Apollo, Hermes, Mithra, Dionysus, Odin, Buddha, Zarathushtra. Also, the activities of Volcano Osiris, Serapis, or what is closer to us — Hiram Abif, Janson are all symbols of the higher nature of light.

And until working with light becomes a real need of people, it is difficult to talk about the expression of internal force, and, therefore, about development. When initiating ourselves into the mystery, we devote ourselves to interacting with light, in which ceremonialism and ritual have replaced irrationality. Moreover, ability to experience ritual can be ignited in every person.

Light is essential for us to see causality that allows us not to be guided by light superficially. Therefore, the mystery is the reality of light, and the ritual is its preservation.

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