Metaphysics of Perfection

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Author: Oleg Cherne

Metaphysics of perfection is a philosophical understanding of the development. You cannot do your practice unmindfully as it’s the same as studying philosophy without involving your concentration.

Mental effort in practice creates tuning so that we can perceive the reality of twelve tonalities. Not only to feel but observe and apply this metaphysical knowledge for strengthening and nourishing our spirit, body, and consciousness.

Metaphysics of perfection rationalize the concept of the practical path when the central intention is sharpening our attention and minimizing reaction to distractions. The state of heightened awareness creates a foundation for unveiling tantric qualities of human nature. It helps us to comprehend the rhythm, vibration, sound, vitality and pure nature of our spirit. At the same time, metaphysical understanding of practice is about comprehending the true knowledge.

The perfection of wisdom comes from the process of cognition. The metaphysics of perfection is an expression of ens rationis (essence, lat.) of space and time. This essence we can perceive as resonance with twelve macrocosmic fields. Such experience penetrates all levels — physical, mental, and energy, allowing us at the same operating and controlling these processes. Deepening of the perception gives us fulfillment and allows us to activate the unification of our whole being.

The metaphysics of perfection allows you to explore and understand three aspects of practice:

  • Openness to learning,
  • Wanting to deepen knowledge,
  • The ability to feel and experience knowledge, that is, to feel the illumination as a result of increased tonality.
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