First Palace (Bhava)

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Author: Jie Kong

First Body Palace represents energy processes associated with the first and second integral fields or energies of the first and second dimensions. This Bhava can be seen as the first Bhava when viewed from bottom to top, or the twelfth, when viewed from top to bottom.

In the process of unblocking the body when we look from the bottom to the top, we’ll start with it as the first one including the foot and lower leg. According to the integral anatomy, the foot represents the first dimension and a matrix associated with all other Palaces.

The Khmer system of knowledge focused on the anatomy of a perfect form, which is a woman’s body because it is more integral and has a closed loop of energy circulation. The female body can represent all energy fields represented in the macrocosm. However, it requires attunement to each part of the body with concentrated focus so that consciousness can penetrate deeply into this part of the body.

Graha Vedha, the nature of the first Palace, reflects the particular quality of luminosity, also associated with the fixed star Alrisha (the sign of Mina in Vedic astrology). The first Bhava thus represents the nature of the first heaven. Depending on the prenatal conditions that we are coming to this planet with, this Bhava can help us to reunite with our nature or disconnect from it.

The amount of light in this Palace is therefore small, but it is meant to proclaim our growth to completeness. The power of this Bhava and unfortunately its weakness is coming from the connection between the feet and lower leg.

The ankle itself unites the nature of creation (feet) and the nature of internal potency (lower leg) — inseparable companions of any reproduction process. In this regard, the ligaments of the ankle are also important.

The First Palace forms the conditions to comprehend the inner nature of our body or creates restrictions for that. It is believed that this Palace is covered with sapphire from the inside, which means that the process of bone marrow formation is possible under conditions of a third-order axial state. This applies, of course, to the lower leg, as the foot can represent all levels, but is subject to the limitations associated with the lower leg.

And here it is important to consider those restrictions can be caused by the personal code, or they can be developed in the process of life. One way or another, it is important for us to maintain the pulsation in the first Palace since this is the measurement of the first integral field. Our main task is to form internal connections so that our shins do not get weak.

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