Tenaga Dalam tantra

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Author: Jie Kong

Tenaga Dalam tantra denotes a tantric tradition origin of which is similar to tantric Buddhism. The difference is that animism creates a basis for Tenaga Dalam compared to the dominating elements of Buddhism, rather than Bon tradition in the latter.

Primarily, the practices of Tenaga Dalam improve the physical condition of a person, transform and develop the energy field of the body, leading to the formation of hidden power tenaga dalam through the development of bioelectricity.

Breathing techniques focus on revitalization of the body systems and biofield, help to connect with personal spirit and external energies. This sacred Indonesian magical art of invulnerability, or magical defense, stimulates the development of the personal occult power.

Tenaga Dalam initiates a state of the highest spiritual initiation and seen in Indonesia as Divine Gnosis, Marifatullah, which is comparable to Isis’s vision. From the position of tantra, this is the art of integrating and experiencing inner strength.


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