Ta Moko tantra

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Author: Jie Kong

Ta Moko tantra is a field of ancient Maori knowledge focused on the tactile perception of the skin. The Maori introduced the art of Moko, a sacred tattooing ceremony when symbols placed on the body change the tonality of a person.

The position and type of symbols activate the flow of energy according to the principles of Polynesian and Maori medicine. Sacred symbols for the Maori represent the consciousness of the macro cosmos (Tiki), which predetermines our appearance and life here.

Maori healers believe that our skin connects us with the world of the breath of spirits. Initially, the Maori were changing the patterns if it was necessary to intensify the energetic effect. But over time, to improve the result, they start to visualize it.

Ta Moko tantra is an art of decorating and weaving the body with triple lines of moko-kuri , forming a vertical and horizontal cocoon to travel to the world of spirits.

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