Daoist meditation

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Author: Jie Kong

Daoist meditation is a holistic practice based on knowledge of the Daoist alchemy. Initially, Buddhism influenced this tradition through creation of methods of a particular form of contemplation. The practice of tuning and reflection was practiced in the High Purity school (Shangqing, Maoshan tradition) and laid the foundation for Daoist meditation.

  1. Mastering the path

The concept of the path in Daoist philosophy and the alchemical tradition are two different ideas. The philosophical notion of the Tao brought duality to the minds of people when Daoism began to be perceived through the prism of Yin and Yang.  At the same time, the alchemical method of moving towards pure perfection manifests itself through the mutual re-generation of these two concepts.

This division was natural, since not everyone practiced Daoist alchemy, but tried to understand the nature of the Tao. It is comparable to the fact that experiencing truth and just talking about it are two different things. The same can be said about the practice of meditation when we only say that we are practicing Daoist meditation and experience a profound depth of this discipline.

The philosophical understanding of Daoism is based on the harmony of man. But if we don’t feel what balance is at physical, mental, and energy levels, we can develop unnecessary tensions in the head and body.

That is why it is so important to start the practice by studying Daoist meditation, which helps to center and balance the brain.

At the beginning of any activity, it is essential to start eliminating distractions, that is, to create a habit of holding our attention on everything we do. Daoist meditation helps to remove everything that hinders the achievement of mediocrity and harmony by increasing awareness of what we are doing.

In Daoist meditation, through concentration, developing intent, setting direction, holding tasks, we can train our consciousness to operate with the mind.

This practice is based on two essential principles of Daoist alchemy – the achievement of profound transformation and the creation of the Nivan – Gong center. This center combines Jing-Shen and Shen-Jing energies to replace chaotic Chi with perfected Jing. In the future, we can go further and initiate the cultivation of Shen energy.

The Daoist way is primarily a practical, not a philosophical definition or a psychological response. It is task management of our brain, which is necessary to accept. We need to start learning to control Ching-Chi and Chi-Ching (feelings and emotions) that set different conditions for the functioning of the brain.

  1. Mastering the position

In Daoist alchemy, there are concepts of resting while moving and moving while resting. We cannot make active movements properly if we do not know the basics of the body in a static position.

The basis of Daoist meditation is the correct position of the body when we are sitting. The main task is to achieve balance and harmony in this position to start the recovery of vital energy in the body. The body is a vessel for our spirit and energy, and we need to learn how to hold and permeate the body, what can be achieved when we are at rest.

  1. Mastering inner power

During practice, we receive an additional amount of energy that we can use to nourish our body and mind. In the future, fullness forms the process of internal breathing and nourishes our bone marrow, and therefore the spirit. Sufficient amount of energy provides a state of balance and harmony in terms of the physiology and biochemical properties of our body. Inner nourishment enables reducing the dependence on external nutrition.

  1. Mastery of inner breath

Activation of internal breathing gives a state of balance and harmony. It allows you to reduce the burning and oxidation of the body, which is created during normal breathing.

  1. Mastery of consciousness

Of course, mastering operating of our consciousness is original goal of practice. Still, we can only achieve it by implementing the previous stages of work. Working with awareness is a priority in practice. And it is essential to nourish the mind with what is determined by internal nutrition, internal breathing, internal movement (energy circulation), and even inner contemplation. Awareness is necessary for us to practice, but also for mastering the alchemical work during purification of consciousness.

Daoist meditation helps activate our prenatal energy, which determines the initial amount of our energy. Comprehending and mastering power is a fundamental task of the Daoist path that leads us to work with the ultimate.

  1. Mastery of energy

Daoist meditation helps us to reveal our prenatal nature, which determines the properties of our energy volume. Knowing and mastering your power is an essential task of the Daoist path.

First, we need to realize what we have (what are our prenatal nature) before collecting energy. The origin of internal problems can be because of the energy that we have or that we acquired.

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