Energy Breathing

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Author: Jie Kong

Energy breathing is a multi-step formula. The initial level of its mastery is called embryonic respiration, and it is connected with external respiration. In the process of deepening the practice, energy breathing becomes an exclusively internal effort. Mental focus and internal effort helps to develop further Alchemical, Turtle and Immortal types of breath. These types of internal respiration help to return the body  to its original state, when it was nourished solely by the spirit (shen energy).

Energy breathing is a natural ability of the body which can be understood during the stage of formation of the spirit. This process starts from the time a given molecular structure is determined, until a period of typically three to four years. The first step is to comprehend embryonic breathing.

Embryonic breathing is an initial part of mastering the energy breathing. When we were babies, we were able to experience it. While we grew older, it mixes up with the external breath and we cease to be conscious of it. When we become conscious of embryonic breathing , we reactivate it.

Therefore, to practice this type of breathing, you’ll need to start from understanding the consciousness of breathing and explore the method of triple distillation of the breathing.

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