«Method. Proportion» [online lecture]

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4 April 2021 16:00—17:00 GMT+2

The method of development is navigation on the path of self-discovery. Learning through method or with a help of a systematic approach helps us to understand what we are doing and why.

The method does not allow formality, that is, work or practice without tasks. Formal actions mean when we do something mindlessly. The task helps to keep attention in a given direction through the application of certain mental effort.

The method of development is especially important today when we have lost reference points of what matters to us and began to focus on the outside instead of the inner side.

What is proportion

Proportion is a measure that determines the potential for advancement in development. The proportion provides the conditions necessary to the preservation, accumulation and circulation of energy.

Only in the process of constructing proportions, the body and consciousness acquire their energy characteristics, which we can influence. Even though human energy is able to represent higher energies, it depends on Earth’s energy, which we cannot develop — we can only serve it.

We depend on a disproportionate amorphous structure that has formed under the laws of the space in which we live. In order to start interacting with macrocosmic parameters, it is important for us to learn the laws of internal proportion, change or simply manifest certain qualities such as volume and spatial “geometry”.


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