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Alchemy is an integral concept realizing transformation on all levels. It has various degrees of manifestation, from simple processes to more profound, like the transmutation of the soul or attaining immortal body.

Alchemy is the art of application of “mercury,” which carries out the task of preserving the physical matter from decomposition. It is the process of “fixing the seed,” that is, the calcination process. It requires coagulation, reducing the volatility of energy to prevent its loss. This “Mercury Science,” or “Rasesvara-Darshan,” has spiritual value and represents the experience of embodying the nature of light, or energy of higher frequencies.

Alchemy is a kind of work with auripigment, which is essential to grind, boil and stand in vinegar. Although not all masters insist on soaking it in distilled vinegar, it all depends on what whiteness of arsenic you want to get. Of course, the art of alchemical distillation is not always material. And the production of universal salt sometimes depends not on the calcination process, but the spherical space of the vessel.

The success of the entire alchemical process depends more on the spiritual principle than on working with the alambic.

However, nothing in the art of alchemy compares with cinnabar and its possibilities. The concept of cinnabar is essential for the whole discipline of alchemy. In the Arab and Persian alchemy, cinnabar is called “zanjifur” (zanjifur). This concept is mysterious and can be associated, for example, with the art of consuming elixirs prepared both externally and internally (that is, obtained as a result of internal sublimation).

According to Hermes, alchemy implies the achievement of immortality. It means that “power must be nurtured again and again until thoughts of a beautiful woman or a special man would be less important than the art of alchemy. ” Of course, alchemy is not poetry, but it is so ancient that even the foam of the first ocean was beaten with a special hammer to produce alchemical substance. And this foam was a topic of discord not only of people but also of gods with demons, like Devas and Asuras in Hindu cosmology.

And yet, alchemy is primarily the art of gaining inner gold, which gives us illumination. So alchemy is primarily an art that can form a body that is not subject to decay, which means changing and cultivating the quality of internal circulation up to the state of the Diamond body.

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