Integral massage

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Integral massage is a special form of therapy focused on changing the energy state of our body. This type of massage works with the concepts of sacred anatomy of the body and with integral diagnostics. As a rule, integral massage is related to self-massage, but massage with the help of an integral therapist is also possible.

Integral massage is a type of massage that aims to create and change the tension of energy efforts in the human body by various methods.

Integral massage consists of different techniques, as well as the application of energy contours and sacred symbols.


Program consists of 3 lessons on Saturday, 15:30–17:00 Moscow time (GMT+3).

20 March Daoist massage
27 March Khmer massage
3 April African polyrhythm


  • For the practice it is essential to loosen hair.
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  • We would like to remind that we won’t be able to provide recordings of the session.

What you need to prepare

  • Meditation cushion.


Daoist massage Taoist massage
Taoist massage is a practice based on the tradition of Taoist medicine and alchemy. This kind of self-massage focuses on maintaining health, strengthening inner power and, at the same time, prepares for alchemical work. Through regular practice, Taoist massage can initiate significant change in the conditions of the body, when we can educate inner organs and blood vessels do not consume the energy but learn how to transform it. Taoist massage, at its highest level, teaches us the understanding of three types of inner efforts: the effort of qi energy, the effort of jing energy, and effort of shen energy.
Learn more about principles of Taoist massage
Khmer massage Khmer massage
Khmer massage is an authentic ancient healing practice from ancient Cambodia. In the last century, it has been influenced by Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai medicine.Khmer massage represents a deep and integrated system that involves an application of minerals and sacred symbols tattoos. The aim of this massage primarily concentrates on the restoration and activation of bone marrow. In Khmer anatomy, bones were seen as being capable of both healing and causing disease because bone marrow is connected to the high vibrational energy existing in our body.
African polyrhythm African polyrhythm
The experience and the sensation of polyrhythm is an originally inherent reality for the African culture. It is perhaps the most unique rhythmic practice. Our body in this practice is seen as a kind of harmonic structure when each part of the body resonating with different kinds of spatial dimensions. Consequently, polyrhythm combines several patterns of rhythms within one framework which can be primarily expressed through hand movements. And the most interesting thing about polyrhythmic practice includes the experience of twelve dimensionalities of the African anatomy or the anatomy of rhythm.


One  day 3000
The complete program 7000
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How to participate

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