«Zen. Great imperfection» Advanced level online workshop

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Great imperfection is the teaching about ten stages of the process of the development of consciousness. During this practice, we learn to experience the mind as a reflection of our consciousness. Any serious practice requires mental strength and focus. Therefore, the task of comprehending Zen is to achieve inner support and the ability to work on practical tasks.  Through Zen practice, we can achieve a balanced state.

A special point here we can mention about the state of enlightenment. It could be more accurately called clarity. Without reaching clarity, we will experience some kind of limitations.

“Great imperfection” workshop is the advanced level of the program “Zen. The art of no-mind. ”

What do you need to prepare

  • A short stick, 50-60 cm long, imitating a flute. It is optimal to use the shakuhachi flute.


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Zen meditation Zen meditation
Zen meditation in the art of the Great Imperfection allows one to comprehend what Zen consciousness is and, as a consequence, the ability to operate with it. Through the practice of Zen “The Art of No-Mind”, an effort of the brain is formed, which makes it possible to transfer the control of our consciousness into submission to the deeper consciousness of the mind.
Mikkyō Mikkyo
Mikkyo (Mikkyō, 密 教 – Secret Teachings, Jap.) – a special Japanese concept that lies beyond the esoteric, tantric, magical perception. The practical way of comprehending and managing this state is realized in the Tendai-shu and Kegon-shu schools. The practice has become especially widespread thanks to the yamabushi monks and ninja.
Tanden Tanden
Tanden is the center of effort, concentration of vital energy and inner breathing. The art of knowing inner strength. This is an important alchemical concept that has to do with the engagement of Zen consciousness. Initially, it is understood as the consciousness of no-mind, which allows one to perceive the processes of the Great Imperfection.
Suizen Suizen
Suizen is a type of Zen meditation practice. It is carried out through the interaction of breathing, tension and playing the shakuhachi flute. Suizen practice is a deep system that should be attributed to the mystical direction of Zen. It is available not only to hermit monks, but also to anyone exploring the possibility of forming the opening breath of the ikinuki.


21 March 15:30–16:30 MSK (GMT+3) Lecture «Great Imperfection»
28 March, 4, 11, 18 April 15:30–16:30 MSK (GMT+3) Practice


Lecture «Great Imperfection» / 21.03 500
One day 2000
Complete program 7000
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How to participate

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